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Mengobati Sakit Perut Kalau Akan Datang Bulan

     Ada sebagaian Wanita, terutama yang masih gadis kalau akan datang bulan perut merasa sakit, sampai betul-betul tidak tertahan rasa sakitnya.Hal ini disebabkan karena penyempitan pada indung telur dan kurang olah raga.

1. Temu lawak :1 ons, 2.Asam :1 tangkai, 3.Gula merah :semanisnya ,4.Garam dapur :secukupnya , 5.Air : 3gelas (3/4Liter)

Caranya :

a.Temulawak dikupas dicuci dan diiris tipis-tipis.

b.Rebus dengan tiga gelas air dan tinggalkan 1 1/2gelas.

Setelah menjadi hangat suam-suam kuku diminum. Lakukanlah pengobatan ini tiap-tiap akan datang bulan.

HTC Touch Diamond Smart Phone

HTC's compact smart phone offers a compelling feature set and attractive design, though with a few annoyances.

HTC's Touch Diamond ($350 with a two-year contract) is a well-designed Windows Mobile smart phone whose compact, candy-bar design widens its appeal.

At 4 by 2 inches, the case of the Touch Diamond is about as wide as the Apple iPhone 3G's screen is. And at 0.45 inch deep, it isn't super-thin but is slim enough to fit into your pocket.

The phone felt comfortable in my hand, and seemed well-constructed when I used it. The 2.8-inch VGA touch-screen display offered crisp, bright images; when I tried to use the on-screen software keyboard, however, I found the display a tad small for finger input.

The Touch Diamond's operating system is Windows Mobile 6.1, but you might not notice that at first glance. That's because you can accomplish many tasks through HTC's custom TouchFLO 3D interface, which puts contacts, text messaging, e-mail, media (video and music), and Internet access at your fingertips.

In my hands-on tests of the Touch Diamond, I found its implementation of TouchFLO 3D attractive and generally easy to use, though it did have some awkward points. For example, the slider bar at the bottom of the screen is less convenient than a more conventional home screen would be, and applications are occasionally sluggish.

Since it is based on Windows Mobile, the Touch includes the full suite of Windows Mobile applications in addition to HTC's own. While this presents you with two media players and two Web browsers, it also means that the Touch Diamond comes preloaded with quite a bit of software (including Outlook Mobile and Office Mobile).

For browsing the Web, you get Internet Explorer Mobile and Opera Mobile. The Opera browser can handle regular Web sites as well as mobile sites--and it can do so over the Sprint EvDO broadband network or over a Wi-Fi network. But like similar smart-phone browsers, it does not include Flash support out-of-the-box.

The Touch Diamond's built-in accelerometer can recognize when you tilt the phone on its side. In my informal testing, the screen rotation kicked in quickly when browsing through photos but not as well with Opera, where I had to shake the phone a little to get the screen rotation to work. Also, the home screen appears to be designed for use strictly when the phone is in its vertical orientation: It doesn't rotate when you rotate the phone.

Considering that the Touch Diamond isn't played up as a multimedia-centric phone, I found its multimedia handling to be surprisingly good. The built-in 3.2-megapixel, 2X zoom camera/camcorder yielded pleasing results in my experience. Camera features include auto-focus and white-balance settings, as well as a timer and even a tool to stitch together a panorama. It won't replace your stand-alone digital camera, but the Touch Diamond's camera will do a reasonable job in a pinch.

The Touch Diamond comes with a music player application that supports a number of popular audio formats, including MP3, AAC, and WMA. In addition, it offers its own YouTube application for accessing any YouTube video (unlike the iPhone 3G, whose YouTube application works only with a select subset of videos. The phone comes with 4GB of internal memory--a nice find in a phone at this price; on the other hand, it lacks a media card slot for expanding memory.

Aside from letting you access your own multimedia, the Touch Diamond has hooks into such Sprint services as Sprint TV (for live and on-demand programming), Sprint Music Store (over-the-air song downloads), and Sprint Radio. The phone also supports Sprint Navigation for GPS-enabled audio and visual turn-by-turn directions.

Predictably--since this model's screen is smaller than the ones on some other smart phones--the HTC Touch Diamond's on-screen QWERTY keyboard's keys are quite small and close together. The Touch Diamond does offer both the on-screen QWERTY keyboard and a roomier 20-key phone keypad layout, which you can switch to on the fly--so you aren't tied to any particular layout. The keyboard gives you good visual feedback, but it may take some getting used to. In general, I found the touch screen to be responsive, though the phone's interface was sluggish at times, depending on the application.

In my tests in the San Francisco Bay Area, I found call quality to be very good. Voices sounded clear, and the volume level was appropriate. Unfortunately, the screen remains active when you bring it to your ear, which can result in accidental touch input from your face.

Stay tuned for the PC World Test Center's battery life tests on the Touch Diamond. We'll update this review with a full rating once those tests are completed.

It may not fully quench your iPhone lust, but the HTC Touch Diamond is certainly worth a look. Though I ran into a few annoyances (such as occasional sluggish performance), my experience overall with the Touch Diamond was positive.

Perawatan Rambut Agar Tumbuhnya Menjadi Subur

     Kalau rambut kita ingin tumbuh dengan subur, maka merawatnya adalah sebagai berikut :

Pertama kali kita ambil daun lidah buaya yang bentuknya seperti sebilah keris tepinya bergerigi. daunnya tebal dan dalamnya berlendir . lendir lidah buaya inilah yang kita pakai menyuburkan tumbuhnya rambut.

Cara mengerjakannya :

Daun lidah buaya kita kupas kulitnya yang hijau. lendir dalamnya kita ambil dan kita oleskan pada dasar kepala tempat tumbuhnya rambut. mengoleskannya sambil ditekan tekan, agar lendir tersebut dapat meresap pada pori-pori kepala tempat tumbuhnya rambut. Setelah itu kepala kita bungkus dengan handuk,terus tidur. Bangun tidur rambut kepala terus kita keramasi yang bersih. lakukan pekerjaan ini berkali-kali hingga berhasil.

Perawatan Perut Agar Tetap Langsing

Bagi orang yang mempunyai perut buncit dan badannya gemuk, biasanya ingin sekali mengurangi berat badan tersebut dan mengecilkan perutnya, cara mengurangi kegemukan badan dan mengecilkan perut yang buncit ada 3 macam cara :

1. Dengan pengobatan secara tradisional, resepnya adalah sebagai berikut :
a. Kapur sirih basah (1 sendok teh)
b. Minyak kayu putih (1 sendok teh)
c. Air jeruk nipis (1 sendok makan)

Caranya :
Ketiga macam bahan tersebut dicampur menjadi 1 terus dioleskan pada perut dan pinggang sehingga merata. Tunggu sampai kering kalau sudah kering pakailah korset / kain setagen.

2. Air teh pahit 1 gelas dicampur dengan perasan jeruk nipis secukupnya lalu diminum.
3. Minum air teh hijau ialah teh yang khusus untuk segala macam penyakit dalam. Dan kalau minum teh hijau badan gendut kurang lebih tempo sebulan badan mengecil dan berat badannya berkurang. Karena teh hijau dapat mengurangi timbunan lemak yang ada dalam perut.

Ketiga cara pengobatan ini dilaksanakan sekaligus tidak ada efek sampingnya, insya Allah akan cepat berhasil.

Heavy metal band 'Scorpions' takes Shillong by storm

'Scorpions', the legendary hard rock band of international fame has started off its 'Humanity-Hour 1 World Tour' in Asia from Shillong , the capital city of Meghalaya, located in north-east of India.

The music band performed to a packed to capacity stadium with rock enthusiasts ensuring their presence, irrespective of age.

Thousands of fans danced and sang in frenzy as the legendary heavy metal band 'Scorpions' gave a high voltage performance on December 12.

Sanju, a Scorpians' fan, said: "It's a life time opportunity. Once in a blue moon you know... it won't come again."

Audience burst into thunderous applause as the lead 'Scorpions' man Klaus Meine and his band members took the stage.

The crowd rocked to tunes of the band's latest album "Humanity Hour 1" and other rock anthems like "Rock You Like a Hurricane", "Winds of Change", "No One Like You", "Still Loving You", "Send Me An Angel" and more.

Meghalaya is known for its scenic beauty and the distinct culture of the hill people.

Music aficionados abound here and the legendary band performing in Shillong is believed to popularise the north eastern State.

Anju Singh, a 'Scorpions' fan while attending the conert, said: "The north-easts getting a big exposure. People all around the world know that in India, the north east is the place with a huge fan following for western music. And 'Scorpions' being such a legendary band, it's coming all the way to Shillong is a great privilege for us. It's great."

The beautiful hilly capital Shillong, has emerged as a major attraction for international music bands after recent performances by 'Petra', 'Fire House', 'Michael Learns to Rock', 'Air Supply' and former Iron Maiden's front man 'Paul Di Anno', 'Eric Martin', 'Mr Big' and 'Sepultura'.

Scorpions are a rock band from Hanover, Germany, perhaps best known for their 1980s rock anthem "Rock You Like a Hurricane" and their singles "Wind of Change", "No One Like You", "Still Loving You", "Humanity", "Send Me an Angel".

The band is known to have sold over 75 million albums worldwide.

Although the band's official name is "Scorpions", they are often referred to as "The Scorpions"

The 'Scorpions' is to perform in Mumbai on December 14 and in Bangalore on December 16. (ANI)