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Heavy metal band 'Scorpions' takes Shillong by storm

'Scorpions', the legendary hard rock band of international fame has started off its 'Humanity-Hour 1 World Tour' in Asia from Shillong , the capital city of Meghalaya, located in north-east of India.

The music band performed to a packed to capacity stadium with rock enthusiasts ensuring their presence, irrespective of age.

Thousands of fans danced and sang in frenzy as the legendary heavy metal band 'Scorpions' gave a high voltage performance on December 12.

Sanju, a Scorpians' fan, said: "It's a life time opportunity. Once in a blue moon you know... it won't come again."

Audience burst into thunderous applause as the lead 'Scorpions' man Klaus Meine and his band members took the stage.

The crowd rocked to tunes of the band's latest album "Humanity Hour 1" and other rock anthems like "Rock You Like a Hurricane", "Winds of Change", "No One Like You", "Still Loving You", "Send Me An Angel" and more.

Meghalaya is known for its scenic beauty and the distinct culture of the hill people.

Music aficionados abound here and the legendary band performing in Shillong is believed to popularise the north eastern State.

Anju Singh, a 'Scorpions' fan while attending the conert, said: "The north-easts getting a big exposure. People all around the world know that in India, the north east is the place with a huge fan following for western music. And 'Scorpions' being such a legendary band, it's coming all the way to Shillong is a great privilege for us. It's great."

The beautiful hilly capital Shillong, has emerged as a major attraction for international music bands after recent performances by 'Petra', 'Fire House', 'Michael Learns to Rock', 'Air Supply' and former Iron Maiden's front man 'Paul Di Anno', 'Eric Martin', 'Mr Big' and 'Sepultura'.

Scorpions are a rock band from Hanover, Germany, perhaps best known for their 1980s rock anthem "Rock You Like a Hurricane" and their singles "Wind of Change", "No One Like You", "Still Loving You", "Humanity", "Send Me an Angel".

The band is known to have sold over 75 million albums worldwide.

Although the band's official name is "Scorpions", they are often referred to as "The Scorpions"

The 'Scorpions' is to perform in Mumbai on December 14 and in Bangalore on December 16. (ANI)

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